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Percentage Allocation Management Module

Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is a technical solution that allows creating an unlimited number of Investors’ accounts under one Manager account for the work at trading market, with the help of which the managing trader control their own capital and aggregate capital of investors. The funds from all Investors on the Manager’s account are traded as one unit, which gives more room for money management and better position management options. The main point of the PAMM-system`s work is that manager has an opportunity to accept investments from other investors. In this way, investors use the opportunities of PAMM-system for the purpose of profit earning from the deals settled by the managing traders. Trader’s activity results (trades, profit and loss) are allocated between managed accounts according to the ratio. (see picture)


Basically, PAMM-account is a form of trust management of the traders` collective assets, where the service providing broker realizes the shares` calculation, which provides the equal rights to all traders and allows to separate at any moment the part of total assets, which belong to one or another trader. At the end of the trading period the profit, gained at the PAMM-account, is apportioned between all participants (investors) of PAMM-account, and the Managing Trader receives the reward specified in the contract, which can be represented in percentage terms from the total profit for the trading period.

Accuracy & Consistency

Automated & consistent trading strategies give you Monthly Return of Investment. Every trader can earn decent payouts at times, however, those aiming to have a regular income from trading might need a consistent profit Forex strategy. This is not an easy task. According to the experienced professional trader, Chris Capre, who uses market research numbers from the FX market, approximately 33% of traders are able to profit over a 3 month period. However, the percentage of those market participants who can do this consistently, on a yearly basis stands at 7.7%. This suggests that more than 92% of traders can not achieve this goal.


Clients funds are held in independent client accounts with FULL ownership of your account. We do provide as short as weekly settlement when client’s account in profit so you can withdraw your profit or funds whenever you need with FULL ownership of your account.

Wide Product Range

Funds Managers have access to more than 100+ Major and minor FX Currency pairs, Exotic pairs, Precious Metals, Index CFDs and Futures.

Full Reporting

Transparent Full Reporting. You may real-time tracking your trading history through your trading account to experience if this strategy meet your requirement so can consider a comfortable way or go for higher performance strategy. Also, keep track of your performance, volumes and affinity earnings using our dedicated portal and reporting tools.

Customisable Setup

Customizing strategies setup available for VIP client.

We do provide a discussion slot for you which is totally a tailor-made strategy that you are looking for. Discussion to understand your needs specifically and risk tolerance. Contact us for inquiries.